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Are you finding Maths a struggle? Do you feel you have gaps in your learning that need to be filled in? Or do you you just need a bit of support to help you reach the grade you’re aiming for?

When you have the right support, Maths is easier than you think. A good Maths tutor can help you to develop your confidence and skills in order to get the results you need in your GCSE, A-level or other Level 1/2/3 Maths qualification.

At present all tuition is online, but I hope to be able to go back to offering the option of face-to-face private tuition for local students from the Birmingham and Solihull areas at my home in Hall Green, Birmingham, once Covid is no longer a significant concern.

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Testimonials and feedback

Here is some of the feedback I’ve had from past clients. You can see more on my Facebook page and my Google business listing.