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Online courses

For those who prefer to study independently, or whose budget won’t stretch to 1-to-1 tuition, I have a selection of online courses on sister site, some of which involve a live tuition element. Click the button below to go straight to the site, or you may prefer to explore the information further down the page first.

This course is ideal for home educators, adult learners, and anyone else who feels they would benefit from a bit of extra help to achieve that magic Grade 4 in either GCSE or Edexcel IGCSE Maths.

It will leave you feeling ready for just about anything the Foundation Tier can throw at you!

The series consists of four modules:
Module 1: Number & Ratio
Module 2: Geometry & Measure
Module 3: Algebra & Graphs
Module 4: Statistics & Probability

Together they cover all the skills that you need to be comfortable with in order to be confident of getting a Grade 4 – maybe even a 5. Really, it’s more than just the “essentials”!

What does it include?

  • over 24 hours’ of video lessons, with lots of built-in opportunities for you to practise the skills being taught
  • over 400 quiz questions for you to test your knowledge and understanding
  • a free Facebook group where you can ask for help with anything you’re still struggling with

You get the first six video lessons of Module 1 – a total running time of over an hour – as a free preview, so it’s worth taking a look even if you have no intention of signing up!

Since the videos are pre-recorded, you can pause them so that you can answer the questions in your own time, and repeat sections whenever you like.

You can also redo the quizzes multiple times, so – if you like – you can try them before doing the lessons, shortly afterwards (several times if you wish!), and then again a few weeks later.

If there’s anything you still need help with with then you can always post a question on the Facebook group, where there are lots of people willing to help you out.

The current price is a bargain at just £9.99 per module – this is a one-off fee and your subscription doesn’t expire, unlike most other online courses where you pay per week or per month – and subscribers to my mailing list can get Module 1 for FREE!

And there’s a NO-QUIBBLE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE within 14 days of sign-up if for any reason you are not satisfied with the content.

This online course, available in three “flavours”, is for anyone who wants to make sure they’re fully up to speed on the GCSE material that they’re expected to know before starting the A-level Maths course.

As anyone who’s done the A-level course will tell you, it’s pretty intense right from the beginning. You’ll find things a lot easier if you make sure you have a firm grounding in the relevant GCSE content at the outset.

Since it’s all GCSE content, it will also help you to achieve the best possible grade at GCSE – it includes Grade 7/8/9 content that might have been given very limited coverage at school due to lack of time.

Or maybe you’ve already started the A-level course and are struggling to keep up because there are gaps in your GCSE knowledge – either forgotten through lack of practice or simply never covered in the first place. This course will help you to plug those gaps.

It’s relevant to all exam boards following the English specifications.

Why do it this way?

Of course, you could spend hours trawling the Internet to identify free resources that cover the relevant areas… or you could save that time by enrolling on this course, which covers everything you need and none of the stuff you don’t. There’s over 10 hours of specially-recorded video with lots of practice opportunities built in, and you can dip in whenever you like, go at your own pace, and pause and repeat where needed.

What are the options?

The “Self-paced Silver” version of the course gives you access to the whole course straight away and provides over 10 hours of video lessons, each lesson supplemented by a worksheet of practice questions with detailed solutions.

The “Guided Gold” version is a 10-week programme running from early June to mid-August; it uses the same online resources as the Silver version but supplements them with a weekly LIVE recap / Q&A session.

If you want individual support then there is very limited availability on the “Personal Platinum” package, which also runs for 10 weeks but is tailored to your personal needs and includes a 30-minute 1-to-1 tutorial each week.

Whichever tier you opt for, your course membership doesn’t expire, so you can access the content for as long as you need to.

And there’s a NO-QUIBBLE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE within 14 days of sign-up if for any reason you are not satisfied with the content.

Believe it or not, the examiner wants to give you as many marks as possible – all you have to do is make it easy for him or her to do that!

Brush up on your exam technique with this short course, which shows you 27 ways to avoid dropping marks unnecessarily.

The main focus is on exam skills for GCSE Maths, but the principles will help you to do better in other exams too.