About B28 Maths Tutor

My background


A little about my background: my name is Lynne Davis, and I’m a qualified teacher and mum of two, originally from Cumbria. I did my degree at the University of Salford (in Engineering with German; don’t believe anyone who tells you that you don’t need much Maths to be an engineer!) and have been based in Birmingham since 1993. I live in the B28 (Hall Green) postcode area, hence the name. It seemed a sensible choice when I was only doing face-to-face tuition for students from south-east Birmingham and Solihull!

After a few years in the aerospace industry and two years teaching English in Japan, I retrained as a teacher in England. From 2003 until 2016 I taught Maths in a variety of local schools and colleges, going up to A-level. After that I began focusing my efforts on individual tuition.

The events of 2020 prompted me to go all-online, and although initially I hoped to return to face-to-face work as soon as I could, online has worked very well for both me and my students. If you haven’t yet tried online tuition then you might be surprised at how effective it can be! I may still return to offering face-to-face as an option at some point, but current circumstances make that difficult.

I have also diversified into providing a growing range of online maths courses, hosted on my sister site at mathscourses.co.uk.

I love it when I see a “penny drop” – when I am able to help a student who has been struggling with a particular concept to understand it and realise that, actually, it’s not as hard as they thought. This, for me, is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching. Once the basic concepts make sense to the learner, the harder ones fall into place much more easily.

Fill in the missing pieces

Qualifications supported

My background and experience means that I can help you with qualifications across a wide range of specifications, including:

  • Edexcel, AQA and OCR at GCSE
  • AQA and Edexcel at A-level
  • Other Level 2 qualifications: Edexcel International GCSE, Adult Numeracy, Functional Maths, Award in Number and Measure, QTS Skills Test
  • the mandatory Maths content of the Level 3 BTEC in Engineering (Units 1 and 7 of the Extended Diploma or any other version – they all contain the same Maths!)

In addition, I have several years’ experience of exam marking at GCSE and A-level for one of the main English examination boards. This puts me in an excellent position to help my tutees to understand how answers need to be presented to obtain maximum marks. (I’ve also distilled much of this knowledge into a short course, Maximise your marks in GCSE Maths, on my sister site.)

I’ve tutored students from a wide range of schools and colleges local to me, including:

  • Alcester Grammar
  • Alderbrook
  • Archbishop Ilsley
  • Arden
  • Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA)
  • Bishop Challoner
  • Bournville
  • Cadbury Sixth Form College
  • Edgbaston High School for Girls
  • Halesowen College
  • Hall Green
  • King Edward’s High School for Girls
  • Four of the Birmingham King Edward VI Grammar Schools
  • King Edward’s School Stratford
  • King Henry VIII
  • Light Hall
  • Matthew Boulton College
  • Ninestiles
  • Solihull Sixth Form College
  • Solihull School
  • South & City College
  • St Paul’s Edgbaston
  • St Peter’s Solihull
  • Studley High School
  • Sutton Girls’ Grammar
  • Tudor Grange
  • The University of Birmingham School
  • Warwick School
  • Wheelers Lane Boys
  • WMG Academy for Young Engineers (Coventry)
  • Woodrush

… though of course online tuition means that there’s no need for you to live locally in order to use my services, and I’ve also taught students spread across England.

More information on how I can support you in your studies can be found on my Maths help page.

You can also find me on Facebook, Google, Pinterest and Twitter, among other places.