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This is where you can get access to a number of useful downloads (some pictured here) to help you with your Maths, including:

  • Mental Maths tricks
  • Resource list handouts for GCSE, A-level and the Level 3 BTEC in Engineering
  • GCSE Maths formula sheets (one covering both tiers, one for Foundation only)
  • A-level Maths formula sheet
  • Casio calculator instructions (Statistics on the Classwiz fx-991EX and fx-991CW, and general instructions for the fx-9750 GII graphical calc)
  • Skills checklists and cheat sheets for A-level
  • … and more!

And in addition, you’ll get special discount codes for my online courses – including FREE access to the whole of Module 1 of my Grade 4 Essentials course – as well as priority access to any new services offered.

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Free stuff - A-level formula sheet
A-level formula sheet
Free stuff - Calculator instructions - Casio fx-991 EX
Statistics for A-level Maths on your fx-991EX/CW
Free stuff - Mental maths tricks
Mental Maths tricks
Free stuff - GCSE formula sheet (both tiers)
GCSE formula sheet (both tiers)
Grade 4 Essentials topic checklist
Grade 4 Essentials topic checklist
Skills checklist for A-level Maths
Skills checklist for A-level Maths

Free Facebook support group for GCSE and A-level Maths help

If you would like some free maths help then you are very welcome to join my “GCSE and A-level Maths Help” Facebook group, where you can post your questions and help other students with theirs. There are tutors and teachers helping out too, but explaining to someone else how to answer a question helps you to crystallise it in your own mind, and is also great practice for making sure you’ve included all the necessary content in your exam answers!