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1-to-1 tuition services
Individual support with 1-to-1 tuition

Individually-tailored support

I have a very limited number of 1-to-1 slots where I offer individual Maths help with regular, hour-long, weekly lessons for students from Year 9 up to A-level. Older students doing GCSE resits, Functional Maths or other Level 1/2 qualifications are also welcome.

Maybe you’re concerned about having missed out on important content while the schools were closed. Or maybe you’ve been given calculated A-level or GCSE grades that you’re unhappy with and want to sit the exams in the autumn. If so then get in touch and we can discuss how I can support you or your child.

You might also like to follow me at for useful links and updates on availability (though I can’t guarantee that Facebook will actually deign to show you them!), and you’re welcome to join my free Facebook support group for maths help here.

My rates for academic year 2020/21 are as follows:

  • Individual tuition up to GCSE level (or other Level 1/2 qualification, e.g. Functional Maths or the QTS Skills Tests): £34 per hour
  • Individual tuition up to A-level (or other Level 3 qualification): £40 per hour

If you don’t feel you need quite this level of support, or your budget won’t stretch to it, then you might like to consider one of my membership programmes instead.

The majority of my lessons normally take place between 4.10 and 8.10pm Monday to Thursday, with slots also available during school hours. I am happy to offer lessons either during term time only or in holiday periods too.

All tuition is currently online. I normally offer face-to-face tuition at my home in Hall Green (B28), Birmingham, a few minutes’ walk from Robin Hood Island, and I hope to return to offering this option once social distancing is no longer required.

Summary of terms & conditions

Lesson fees for 1-to-1 tuition are due monthly in advance by bank transfer or standing order. Payments by cash or cheque may incur a surcharge. For 1-to-1 sessions I require 48 hours’ notice of cancellation (to give me the chance to offer the slot to someone else), otherwise the lesson is chargeable in full. Frequent cancellations may result in your slot being offered to someone else. Of course, if I have to a cancel a lesson then I will either reschedule to a mutually convenient time or not charge for the cancelled lesson.

For full terms and conditions see here.

Free membership

Registering for free membership of this site will give you access to a number of useful downloads (some pictured here) to help you with your Maths, including:

  • Mental Maths tricks
  • Resource handouts for GCSE, A-level and the Level 3 BTEC in Engineering
  • GCSE Maths formula sheets (both tiers, and Foundation only)
  • A-level Maths formula sheet
  • Calculator instructions (Casio Classwiz fx-991EX and fx-9750 GII)
  • Skills checklists and cheat sheets for A-level
  • … and more!

And in addition, you’ll get special discount codes for paid memberships as well as priority access to any new services offered.

NEW Membership Programmes for GCSE (and potentially A-level)

New for academic year 2020/21, I’m offering membership programmes designed to provide Maths help for students working at various levels.

Membership is on a weekly basis. The main element is a weekly, hour-long, live tutorial covering work on topics requested by the members, common misconceptions and/or problem solving, as well as answering questions asked by members. The GCSE group tutorials will usually take place on a Sunday evening (I may vary the time occasionally but notice will always be given if there is a temporary change to the schedule). In any case, sessions will be recorded so you don’t need to worry about missing the odd one.

“Half-way house”

It’s a sort of half-way house between going it alone and having weekly 1-to-1 tuition – and is a fraction of the price of 1-to-1! The live tutorials are backed up by a private Facebook group where members can post questions and get maths help from each other as well as from me. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more information about the Facebook group.

If you’re not on Facebook then you’ll still have the opportunity to submit questions and topic requests by commenting on a private blog post; you’ll find a link in the relevant members’ area.

If the membership of a group exceeds 15 people then I’ll run a second session each week, to make sure everyone has plenty of opportunity to get their questions answered.

As programme members, you will also get first refusal on any 1-to-1 sessions I may have available due to cancellations by regular tutees.

Initially there will be a group for GCSE Foundation (target grades 4-5) and one for GCSE Higher (target grades 6-9). These are suitable for students in Years 10 and 11 and older students doing resits.

Sounds great – how much does it cost?

A membership subscription at GCSE level costs just £10 per week, and you can cancel or change groups at any time.

What about A-level?

I’m considering offering similar groups for A-level (separate for each year group), for which the weekly subscription will cost £13. If you’re interested then please register your interest on the form below.

Maths help with Mental Maths tricks - register for a free membership account to download in PowerPoint or PDF form
Mental Maths tricks PowerPoint / PDF – available with free membership
Resources handout for GCSE (there's also a similar one for A-level) - register for a free membership to download
Resource list for GCSE Maths – available with free membership
A-level Maths formula sheet - register for a free membership to download the poster
A-level Maths formula sheet – available with free membership
GCSE formula sheet (both tiers)
GCSE formula sheet (both tiers) – available with free membership

Preparing for A-level Maths

This online course provides Maths help for anyone who wants to make sure they’re up to speed on the GCSE material that they’re expected to know before starting the A-level Maths course.

Since it’s all GCSE content, it will also help you to achieve the best possible grade at GCSE – it includes Grade 7/8/9 content that might have been given very limited coverage at school due to lack of time.

As anyone who’s done the A-level course will tell you, it’s pretty intense right from the beginning. You’ll find things a lot easier if you make sure you have a firm grounding in the relevant GCSE content at the outset.

Or maybe you’ve already started the A-level course and are struggling to keep up because there are gaps in your GCSE knowledge – either forgotten through lack of practice or simply never covered in the first place. This course will help you to plug those gaps.

It’s relevant to all exam boards following the English specifications.

Why do it this way?

Of course, you could spend hours trawling the Internet to identify free resources that cover the relevant areas… or you could save that time by enrolling on this course, which covers everything you need and none of the stuff you don’t. There’s almost 10 hours of specially-recorded video with lots of practice opportunities built in, and none of the drawbacks of live webinars; you can dip in whenever you like, go at your own pace, and pause and repeat where needed.

What’s the price?

A subscription costs just £40 – the same as a single hour of 1-to-1 maths help at A-level – and gives you access to the whole course straight away, and lasts a full year so you can revisit the content any time you like until then.

And there’s a NO-QUIBBLE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE within 14 days of sign-up if you are not satisfied with the content.

Here are a free topic list and some sample videos that you can watch to get an idea of the content:

GCSE “Grade 4 Essentials” course

In the pipeline I have a “Grade 4 Essentials” course for GCSE, to be delivered in several sections. (There’s a checklist of topics now available for free download in the members’ section of this site.) It will cover all the topics you need to be comfortable with in order to be confident of getting a Grade 4 (maybe even a 5) – though of course you’ll need to do lots of exam practice as well!

It will take the form of either live online lessons or recorded videos. Live lessons allow you to ask questions using the chat function but also mean that I have to build in time for students to answer questions before going through the solutions, so we won’t get through as much. Pre-recorded videos allow you to pause so that you can answer questions in your own time, and repeat sections whenever you like, and if there’s anything you’re still struggling with then you can always post a question on the Facebook group. Whichever form the delivery takes, the supporting resources will remain available online to subscribers for as long as they’re needed.

If you’re interested then let me know your preferred format using the contact form.

FREE Facebook support group for GCSE and A-level Maths help

If you would like some free maths help then you are very welcome to join my “GCSE and A-level Maths Help” Facebook group, where you can post your questions and help other students with theirs. I’ll be helping out too, of course, but explaining to someone else how to answer a question helps you to crystallise it in your own mind, and is also great practice for making sure you’ve included all the necessary content in your exam answers!